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Pretty Little Liars in a nutshell - Endgame Theory.


Mrs. D was Bethany’s nurse at Radley. Mrs. D and Bethany’s dad were having an affair. Both of these were revealed in 5x12 via Bethany’s recordings and personal files at Radley.

The affair between Mrs. D and Mr. Young is what lead Mrs. D to give Bethany luxuries such as signing her out of…


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Two people were at Mona’s house!

With that amount of blood and no weapons, I suspected that two people were there - and this confirms it! Two different hairs.

The first one is most likely Alison: the color matches hers perfectly, and so does the lenght

Second: could it be Cece? (all the Paris references)

I've thought there were TWO different people in Mona's house since the episode was aired. The first person is Alison. It IS her. She's the one outside. I could always recognize Alison's curly hair. The person who kills Mona is someone else. This person had straight hair.


I think you are completely right - I even posted about this here!

Who do you suspect was the second person? A blonde, like Cece, or someone wearing a wig?

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